Factbook DDQ

Factbook DDQ is the complete solution for the automation of Request for Information, Request for Proposal and Due Diligence Questionnaires.

Factbook DDQ allows report build scheduling to be controlled in exquisite detail. Fully supporting event and/or schedule driven production and allowing report builds to be prioritised over others within the bulk report building cycle. For example, priority reports can be built immediately upon data availability (event driven) with the remaining lower priority reports being scheduled to be run overnight following content delivery (event driven with a schedule overlay). This level of production logic control provides a system which can automate even the most complex production cycles or those where content provision timing can vary widely from cycle to cycle.

It allows non-technical users to set-up and maintain the unique data handling and aggregation rules underlying each report. The control file structure is highly granular, allowing unique rules to be implemented at a report, fund and exhibit level.

Template creation and maintenance is enacted via the Studio 10 and design surface user interfaces, allowing non-technical users to create and maintain templates without recourse to IT support.

Template and Control File driven reporting, supported by advanced and flexible Workflow control, vastly increases the speed and repeatability of report generation from cycle to cycle. The removal of manual intervention in the reporting cycle serves to increase process throughput and capacity whilst reducing both risk and report delivery timescales.

Factbook DDQ fully supports the generation and archiving of reports featuring partial or fully qualitative content. Frequently, reports will contain qualitative content which is not amenable to feed based population. Factbook DDQ has the capability to generate intermediate state reports, which are fully formatted and contain all feeds based content. These reports can then be edited by authorised users for the insertion of qualitative content and then re-imported into the system for archiving and onward distribution to the end users.

Advanced integration of document metadata allows full audit functionality to be retained within the production system, logging such items as report editor, final report submission date and report version numbering. All previous versions of the report remain available for viewing and distribution from within this highly advanced system.


  • End to end reporting solution
  • Easy rules based data aggregation and display
  • Complete flexibility of report formatting, content and presentation
  • Individual user dashboards
  • Granular user based process information
  • Supporting the generation and archiving of even the most customised reports
  • Absolute flexibility of build prioritisation and triggers
  • Advanced Control File functionality

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Deployment Options

The Factbook DDQ solution can be deployed in different ways, each conferring its own unique advantages and suiting specific client needs.


HOSTED – “Lighten the load on IT”

Take the load off your IT resources and let Factbook deliver the infrastructure that supports your reporting. Dependable, scalable and highly available deployment environments mean that you can focus on the task at hand – and retain control over the operation and management of your production processes.

MANAGED – “Handsfree”

Delegate your reporting to Factbook’s Fully Managed reporting service. Take advantage of our sophisticated automation and your role is reduced to simply providing source data and final acceptance. We do the rest – including delivery in multiple formats to multiple locations of your choice.

  • Retain in control of operations and management
  • Remain in control of signoff and acceptance
  • No need for internal servers
  • Training included
  • Simply supply all data needed
  • Delegate all production to Factbook
  • Remain in control of signoff and acceptance
  • No need for internal servers
  • No training needed
  • Simply supply all data needed

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