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Factbook Feeds™ is a fully automated data feed solution, capable of accepting any input format, and the dissemination of virtually any output format. Sophisticated sense checks and advanced verification filters enable automated retrieval, collation and distribution of up-to-date, accurate and approved fund information utilising our fully automated data management system and robust workflow management process.

The increasing number and variety of fund platforms and the complexity of distribution partnerships is becoming an everyday part of the investment management landscape. Ensure accurate fund information is always delivered to your distribution partners on time and without fuss by utilising our Factbook Feeds™ solution.

Relationships and reputations can be jeopardised through poor and inaccurate provision of data. Our Factbook Feeds™ solution ensures your service level agreements, with regard to information flow, can be met easily and consistently, time and time again no matter how many funds or distribution channels you have in place.

Make sure your funds are getting on the right beauty parades, Factbook Feeds™ can send data to a wide variety of consultant databases and ensure they have all the information they need to help them select your funds as and when they need it.

  • Timely delivery of accurate fund information to third party distribution platforms
  • Ability to retrieve data from any source
  • Reduction in reputational risk through advanced verification filters
  • Flexibility to accommodate any number of output formats
  • Fully automated with robust workflow management process
  • You remain in control through sophisticated user across control, dynamic alerts and advanced feed management tools
  • Compliance is addressed through full system audit trails and logs

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Deployment Options

The Factbook Feeds™ solution can be deployed in three different ways, each conferring its own unique advantages and suiting specific client needs.

Managed Deployment – Handsfree

Delegate your reporting to Factbook’s Fully Managed reporting service. Take advantage of our sophisticated automation and your role is reduced to simply providing source data and final acceptance. We do the rest – including delivery in multiple formats to multiple locations of your choice.

Hosted Deployment – Lighten the load on IT

Take the load off your IT resources and let Factbook deliver the infrastructure that supports your reporting. Dependable, scalable and highly available deployment environments mean that you can focus on the task at hand – and retain control over the operation and management of your production processes.

Enterprise Deployment – Take Charge, Take Control

With Factbook Studio 10 installed on your in-house technology infrastructure you have full access, and you are in full control of all system functionality, solution management and administration. You always have the assurance of Factbook’s professional support.

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