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Is there ever a ‘single version of the truth’ for investment reporting?

  Is there such a thing as a single, reliable source of data for investment reporting, asks Abbey Shasore, CEO...

Managing the leap from vendor selection to service provider relationship

Having managed the ‘beauty parade’ and selected a vendor, what are the considerations for investment managers procuring new software products...

Automated reporting and advanced workflow solutions

Factbook is a specialist at investment reporting automation. Automated reporting and advanced workflow solutions are the key pillars of Factbook’s software suite. From Client reporting through to Factsheets and Pitchbooks, Factbook’s solutions are custom built to achieve a single goal. They use sophisticated automation to make your reporting teams more effective and more efficient.

With Factbook’s solution suite, you won’t just save time and take the risk out of investment reportingYou’ll do more.

Watch the video below to take a fresh new look at our Factbook Factsheets solution.

Factbook Solutions

Factbook Client Reports

Factbook Client Reports™ allows you to meet the growing demands from retail and institutional clients for more detailed and tailored information. Our solution enables even the smallest teams to produce large volumes of highly individualised quality documents.

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Factbook Factsheets

Factbook Factsheets™ is a fully automated factsheet production and delivery solution. The solution can accommodate any design template and any number of variable outputs. Our automated process removes the need for any manual intervention and will accommodate your usual compliance sign off procedure.

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Factbook Pitchbooks

Factbook Pitchbooks™ is designed to be a powerful yet user-friendly tool.  The user interface will be familiar to anyone used to operating Microsoft® PowerPoint®. It enables you and your team to develop and manage your own collection of slide libraries. You can access performance data, create charts and templates. Furthermore, the system allows instant sharing across your entire team.

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Factbook Portals

Our Factbook Portals™ solution enables the easy delivery of dynamic data driven content to your website. Interactive tools create interest by animating fund information. The system creates flexibility for your clients and distributors to access the information they require. In addition, it shows the information in the way they wish to view it.

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Your solution driven by our technology

Today, investment firms are increasingly looking to outsource a range of non-core functions. They are striving to turn attention towards their main competencies. Factbook™ is a specialist provider of technology driven reporting solutions. These are specifically designed for investment managers, to facilitate the efficient management, communication and distribution of fund information. Our mission is to make this critical aspect of your business easier and simpler to manage. We enable you to concentrate and focus on your core activities.

Factbook™ offers the most flexible and efficient range of automated data management and fund reporting solutions in the marketplace. We ensure your investment reporting is always of the highest quality, is consistently accurate and is always delivered on time. This is all regardless of the combination of formats or the volumes involved. Please contact us today to find out more information on any of our solutions. Find out how we can help you make your information and data work for you.

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Factbook Professional Partners


Our mission is to provide unique solutions that eliminate manual tasks, increase efficiency and reduce costs across all departments at asset management and wealth management firms.

The FundSense management team have decades of experience – within the financial services Industry at companies like Standard & Poor’s and Morningstar, and also of implementing process improvement solutions in multinational PLCs across multiple industries.

Our company blends technical expertise with a deep understanding of financial services, ensuring our solutions are tailored to the exact requirements of asset and wealth managers.

FundSense works with organisations of all sizes – from small boutiques to global banks. The flexibility of our platform ensures that we can meet a vast array of needs, across areas including People Management, Project Management, Document Management and CRM.


ICC is a boutique consulting firm that provides advice and counsel to executives, management, and project personnel. We focus on business, operational and technology risk and mitigation in the insurance, banking, securities and investment management and related financial service industry sectors.

ICC was established in 1993 to provide institutional investors with exceptional quality management consulting and technical services for the Investment Management industry. Our expertise covers both the business and the technical aspects of investment systems for Insurance, Banking, Asset Managers, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, and Government Agencies.


Founded in 2006, Fastnet Translation’s mission is to offer the best translations to clients in the financial sector.

Fastnet Translation’s human-scale staff works closely with its clients while offering top in-house skills, ranging from project management, to translation and editing, to client follow-up.

The entire Fastnet team is from the financial world. Our managers have more than 30 years of experience in asset management, market finance and financial communication.

We have an in-house team of translators and a network of almost 200 free-lance translators with whom we have worked closely since 2006.

Our in-house team offers an additional guarantee of quality and responsiveness.

As long-standing buyers of translating services, we carefully select our translators based on high standards that guarantee our clients impeccable quality


Morningstar, Inc. is an American financial services firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and was founded by Joe Mansueto in 1984. It provides an array of investment research and investment management services.

With operations in 29 countries, Morningstar’s research and recommendations are considered by financial journalists as influential in the asset management industry, and a positive or negative recommendation from Morningstar analysts can drive money into or away from any given fund.

Through its asset management division, the firm currently manages over $244 billion as of March 31, 2021.

The firm also provides software and data platforms for investment professionals, including “Morningstar Direct” and “Morningstar Advisor Workstation”.


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