Factbook CEO reflects on last month’s Client Reporting and Servicing Conference

Factbook, a specialist provider of fund reporting, marketing and data management solutions to the investment community sponsored Osney Media’s recent Client Reporting & Servicing Conference (CRS).

Here, Factbook CEO, Abbey Shasore, shares his thoughts on what was a busy two-day event…

“I was most encouraged that, once again, this important event on the Investment Reporting calendar was so well supported. I noted that the Factbook stand was busy throughout the exhibition sessions; and our business development team commented that we were proactively approached by a large number of investment management companies who are actively looking for a highly flexible solution such as Factbook Client Reporting™ to address their increasing client communication demands.

“Firms should see their Client Reporting function as part of a broader process of effective communication with their clients and as an integral part of their service proposition. No longer can it be regarded as a stand-alone mechanical chore that must be endured. It can be used to great effect at the outset of a relationship while boundaries are still being established; and also later to manage a relationship just when complacency might otherwise set in.

“My view has long been that the key here is to use reporting and communications as an opportunity to inform and to educate clients. Firms too often overlook the value of telling clients about what actions they have taken – all the more important if it is on the client’s behalf –

or what they have tried to do. Taking the time to explain outcomes, whether good or bad, and with it any lessons learned is a good way of putting across your strategies and actions, and is the deliberate nature of investment management. This is at times under-estimated as a means of engaging clients’ interest and winning their empathy.”

Abbey concluded, “It was good to see that confidence has returned to the market and with it project budgets are being restored. We are now engaging with all those firms who approached us at CRS expressing an interest in taking advantage of our sector expertise to deliver a top quality solution.

”Factbook’s reputation for truly excellent client service is obviously being heard in the market. We would therefore renew our invitation to any firm seeking to meet the increasing demands of its clients with one of the Europe’s market-leading solutions to get in touch – Factbook and our Client Reporting solution is worth a close look.”

Factbook is a specialist provider of fund reporting, marketing and data management solutions. Its innovative and complete process automation allows investment firms to draw data from any number of sources and leverage it across all business areas, not only through the Factbook suite of products, but also any third-party application. Factbook solutions enable investment firms to adopt a strategic view when solving tactical issues regarding reporting, communication and data management. News and other information about Factbook is available at www.factbook.co.uk.

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