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LGPS Central selects Factbook for factsheets, client reports and data automation


LGPS Central selects Factbook for factsheets, client reports and data automation

Factbook, a specialist provider of client reporting, fund reporting and data automation solutions to the investment community, today announces that LGPS Central has selected Factbook’s industry leading Studio10™ technology platform to populate and produce their Client Reports, Factsheets and automate their data ingress processes.

“We faced a number of challenges with complex processes. Handling and transforming data from custodians and third-party applications and feeding them into multiple reports were among the more immediate. Also, delivering them with all the required accuracy, and in a timely and consistent manner was another. With an increasing number of funds come an increasing number of our detailed and targeted fund factsheets that must be generated within tight timescales. Historically, this has been a labour intensive and non-scalable process.” said Neil Wain, Head of Investment Operations, LGPS Central.

Factbook is recognised as the leading vendor when it comes to integrating with external data sources and transforming that data. Its technology platform features modular solutions that enable teams to structure and scale reporting operations. Marc Dukes, Director of Client Services, Factbook, commented, “We were able to show an immediate and clear value proposition that addressed all the challenges LGPS Central had identified.”

“We are delighted to be working with LGPS Central,” said Abbey Shasore, CEO, Factbook. “During our initial discussions of their needs and challenges, it was clear to us we could be of immediate assistance. Our very experienced delivery teams will ensure we provide LGPS Central with a high-quality reporting service from our Factbook Solution suite that not only meets all their data integration needs but also provides the reporting flexibility the business will need in the future.”

About Factbook

Factbook is a specialist provider of client reporting, fund reporting, marketing and data management solutions. Its innovative and complete process automation allows investment firms to draw data from any number of sources and leverage it across all business areas, not only through the Factbook suite of products, but also any third-party application. Factbook solutions enable investment firms to adopt a strategic view when solving tactical issues regarding reporting, communication and data management. News and other information about Factbook is available at

About LGPS Central Limited

LGPS Central Limited manages the pooled assets of eight Midlands-based Local Government Pension Scheme funds. With combined assets of approximately £49bn, and representing the retirement savings of around 1 million scheme members across over 2,000 employers.

LGPS Central Limited is owned equally by all eight of its Partner Funds and is dedicated to the management of local government pension assets. The aim of the Company is to use the combined buying power of its Partner Funds to reduce costs, improve investment returns and widen the range of available asset classes for investment – all for the benefit of local government pensioners, employees and employers.

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