Factbook Client Reports

Factbook Client Reports™ allows you to meet the growing demands from retail and institutional clients for more detailed and tailored information. Our solution enables even the smallest teams to produce large volumes of highly individualised quality documents.

Factbook Client Reports™ has been designed to distribute information to your clients effectively and efficiently.

Flexible enough to adapt to any design template, Factbook Client Reports™ can gather data from any source and in any format and present it in the output of your choosing, simply and easily. Once in place regular reports can be updated automatically, without manual input, allowing the freedom to produce accurate and consistent documents, as and when required.

Factbook Client Reports™ ensures accurate and approved information is distributed on time, in the manner tailored to your clients’ requirements with a workflow management system in place that delivers best practice production controls designed around your needs.

Enhance your service proposition and give your clients what they want – the right information at the right time and presented in the format they require.

  • accurate, customised reporting
  • on time delivery, every time
  • improved efficiencies
  • integrated advanced workflow
  • seamless integration with CRM systems
  • reduction in operational and reputational risk
  • significant added value for your clients
  • fully customised corporate branding
  • advanced compliance sign off functionality

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Deployment Options

The Factbook Client Reports™ solution can be deployed in different ways, each conferring its own unique advantages and suiting specific client needs.

HOSTED – “Lighten the load on IT”

Take the load off your IT resources and let Factbook deliver the infrastructure that supports your reporting. Dependable, scalable and highly available deployment environments mean that you can focus on the task at hand – and retain control over the operation and management of your production processes.

MANAGED – “Handsfree”

Delegate your reporting to Factbook’s Fully Managed reporting service. Take advantage of our sophisticated automation and your role is reduced to simply providing source data and final acceptance. We do the rest – including delivery in multiple formats to multiple locations of your choice.

  • Retain in control of operations and management
  • Remain in control of signoff and acceptance
  • No need for internal servers
  • Training included
  • Simply supply all data needed
  • Delegate all production to Factbook
  • Remain in control of signoff and acceptance
  • No need for internal servers
  • No training needed
  • Simply supply all data needed

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