Factbook Pitchbooks

Factbook Pitchbooks™ is designed to be a powerful yet user-friendly tool and its interface will be familiar to anyone used to operating Microsoft® PowerPoint®. It will provide your sales team with access to consistently, up-to-date, accurate and approved information on your products and services without the workload and potential inconsistencies and risks associated with manual process. It enables you and your team to develop and manage your own collection of slide libraries, access performance data, create charts and templates and allows instant sharing across your entire team. All from one, centralised, easy-to-use platform.

We know your presentations are crucial to your sales and marketing activity. Factbook Pitchbooks™ can complement and enhance how you and your team interact with your existing stable of presentations. It will give you control by providing a centralised platform from which to automatically generate presentations and update content.

Using Factbook Pitchbooks™ will ensure consistency and accuracy of content and brand across your entire range of product presentations. All your presentations can be stored easily and efficiently in our slide library, for your sales teams to access from a central point, as and when required. A user-friendly interface ensures the end user can get the most out of the service.


  • Consistency across your entire suite of presentations
  • Increased productivity at the point of sale
  • Reduced workload at the preparation stage
  • Automated update of accurate and compliant content
  • Flexible, impactful presentations
  • Instant, secure and accessible sharing
  • Salespeople have the right slides, with up to date content
  • Marketing and compliance control

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Deployment Options

The Factbook Pitchbooks™ solution can be deployed in different ways, each conferring its own unique advantages and suiting specific client needs.


HOSTED – “Lighten the load on IT”

Take the load off your IT resources and let Factbook deliver the infrastructure that supports your reporting. Dependable, scalable and highly available deployment environments mean that you can focus on the task at hand – and retain control over the operation and management of your production processes.

MANAGED – “Handsfree”

Delegate your reporting to Factbook’s Fully Managed reporting service. Take advantage of our sophisticated automation and your role is reduced to simply providing source data and final acceptance. We do the rest – including delivery in multiple formats to multiple locations of your choice.

  • Retain in control of operations and management
  • Remain in control of signoff and acceptance
  • No need for internal servers
  • Training included
  • Simply supply all data needed
  • Delegate all production to Factbook
  • Remain in control of signoff and acceptance
  • No need for internal servers
  • No training needed
  • Simply supply all data needed

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