Factbook Portals

Our Factbook Portals™ solution enables the easy delivery of dynamic data driven content to your website. Interactive tools will animate fund information and create the flexibility for your clients and distributors to access the information they require in the way they wish to view it. A fully automated system, Factbook Portals™ allows any time sensitive data to be automatically updated throughout your website, quickly and easily, ensuring information is always up-to -date and relevant. And you can choose how frequently you wish the updates to take place be that daily, weekly, monthly or, if required, up-to-the minute. All controlled from a centralised, easy to use platform.

By using Factbook Portals™ visitors to your website will be able to interact with your fund information. You will be able to offer live price feeds, interactive factsheets and dynamic charting facilities. All charts and supporting data can be accessed and manipulated to a level of flexibility and freedom determined by you. Clients will be able to adapt charts and data to reflect the timescales, formats and benchmarks of their choosing.

Using our Factbook Portals™ Solution will maximise your website potential and give your clients a reason to visit your website time and time again.

  • Easy delivery of dynamic web content
  • Interactivity with fund information
  • Automatic content updates
  • Fund price feeds
  • Interactive Charts
  • Interactive Reports
  • Customised and Customer driven fund info

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Deployment Options

The Factbook Portals™ solution can be deployed in different ways, each conferring its own unique advantages and suiting specific client needs.


HOSTED – “Lighten the load on IT”

Take the load off your IT resources and let Factbook deliver the infrastructure that supports your reporting. Dependable, scalable and highly available deployment environments mean that you can focus on the task at hand – and retain control over the operation and management of your production processes.

MANAGED – “Handsfree”

Delegate your reporting to Factbook’s Fully Managed reporting service. Take advantage of our sophisticated automation and your role is reduced to simply providing source data and final acceptance. We do the rest – including delivery in multiple formats to multiple locations of your choice.

  • Retain in control of operations and management
  • Remain in control of signoff and acceptance
  • No need for internal servers
  • Training included
  • Simply supply all data needed
  • Delegate all production to Factbook
  • Remain in control of signoff and acceptance
  • No need for internal servers
  • No training needed
  • Simply supply all data needed

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